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  1. Sorry only 5 collages and favorites are 44, 41,40,42,39,4,21,14,7

  2. This was very hard Trenda
    I would like -6 photos on each side. One side featuring Carter and one side with Alex.
    I put my favorites but use your discretion, I think we like the same things!
    I used numbers by counting but also gave a good description, I think you will know the one.

    To Pick – #16 Barn background, arms crossed , closed up view with head and shoulders
    Kneeling by Hurdle with Varsity Jacket
    #21 – on bench Sprawl
    #25 -Sitting on stone wall , bridge wall, Hoody and big smile
    #28 – Both walking apart, Carter looking toward camera
    #33 – Serious, arms crossed with blue shirt

    Alex –
    Top Pick – #8 Colored version of B&W option, Seated, MSU hoody with stone BG
    #2 – Standing at fence with pink tree in BG
    #12 – Laughing, barn background, black polo
    Varsity Jacket at Tennis court
    Both on Track with V jackets in front of booth, close up
    #64 – Serious photo, kneeling with bick BG. MSU sweatshirt

    For Carter’s Side include his Full name: Carter James Peet ; also plans to Attend University of Wisconsin – Parkside.
    For Alex’s Side Include his Full name: Alexander William Peet; plans to attend Michigan State University.

    I’m sure it will look very cool. And yest 100 cards is good. Let me know how you want me to pay for them.

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