why 6 little feet?

Because I think everyone should be able to have cute pictures of their kids.

I’ve loved taking pictures my whole life but always used a point & shoot camera with mixed results. I was never that happy with my studio experiences and didn’t want to pay thousands of dollars for high-end portraits. My husband convinced me to let him buy me a digital SLR camera 14 years ago and we haven’t been back to the studio since (it was a birth gift for our last child:).

I also love playing around in Photoshop and that combined with loving to take pictures has led to making custom announcements, cards & invitations for our family and friends. I did it for free for a couple years for anyone who would let me and then some friends convinced me to start a business. So, here we are!

Oh, and the “6 little feet” are the sweet feet of my three kids, who do not have little feet anymore:)

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